There are some really good UV solutions out there, but most of the time they are pretty expensive. This is where Blender comes in to play. The way Blender Unwrap is just amazing. I feel like it's very comparable to UV Master in ZBrush, but with the added bonus that it also does hard surface really well. Even better, it's free.

So go ahead, check out the tutorial, and maybe you will learn to love UV'in in Blender.

A very handy Shortcut Mapper by Waldo Bronchart that let's you search for different shortcuts in Blender
Shortcut Mapper
For your convenience we’ve also compiled a list of shortcuts for this tutorial

Click to show shortcuts

Select All (Deselect) (A)
Delete objects (SHIFT + X)
View All  (SHIFT + C)
Edit Mode (TAB)
Orbit (MMB)
Zoom (Scroll)
Edge Mode (In Edit Mode) (CTRL + TAB)
Transform Menu (T)
Edge Loop (ALT + RMB)
Average UV Island (CTRL + A)
Pack UV Islands (CTRL + P)

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