In this tutorial we’re discussion the process involved with sculpting a white walker from Game of Thrones in ZBrush. When sculpting, start out with the big shapes, such as the overall silhouette, bony landmarks and so on. If begin the process with going into fine details right away, the sculpture will lack structure and life. The Clay, ClayTubes and Claybuildup are excellent brushes to use at this stage. They will allow you to build form up quickly without adding details.

Once your primary shapes are working, it’s time to add smaller details, such as big wrinkles, more defined facial features and so on. When you finish this phase, the model should look the same as the final if viewed from a distance. We take the White Walker only up to this stage.

Next we have the very fine details, which we aren’t doing in this video. This includes pores, small veins, tiny wrinkles and so on. They will help you sell the realism in the piece. Again, only do this level of details once everything else is working.

For your convenience we’ve compiled a list of shortcuts for this tutorial

Click to show shortcuts

Subdivide (CTRL + D)
Go up in subdivisions (D)
Go down in subdivisions (Shift + D)
Repeat Last Stroke (1)
Lazy Mouse (L)
Check Silhouette (V)

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