In this ZBrush sculpting tutorial, we are going through how to sculpt a bust of a character which could fit into the Dishonored universe. We start off using DynaMesh which we use to play around with the 3D design.

The steps are

- Proportion
- Bony landmarks
- Fat and muscles
- Weight of the skin
- Smaller wrinkles and details

Along the way, we are also evaluating the design from multiple angles, making sure the silhouette works. This is always one of the hardest things about working in 3D. We also need to keep in mind what makes the characters in Dishonored feel the way they do. Making the features sharp and having slightly uneven proportions helps us to sell the look.
We hope this tutorial helps push both your ZBrush and general sculpting skills to the next level.

For your convenience we’ve compiled a list of shortcuts for this tutorial

Click to show shortcuts

Rotate (RMB + drag)
Scale/Zoom (ALT + RMB Release Drag)
Pan (ALT + RMB)
Brush size (S)
Brush Intensity (U)
Frame mesh (F)
Perspective (P)
Masking (CTRL + Paint)
Invert Mask (CTRL + Click Outside Model)
Dynamesh (CTRL + Drag Outside Model)
Select Subtool (ALT + Click on subtool in viewport)
Subdivide (CTRL +D)
Step up in subD Level (D)
Step down in subD Level (Shift + D)

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. For more head back to the Tutorials Section