In this tutorial we're going to sculpt out very own dragon. We'll take a look at a reference sheet containing our main inspiration (don't be afraid to use reference!). From there we're going to incorporate the features that we like the best, and of course add our own.

This tutorial is very much a lesson in sculpting and design. Something that is applicable, not just for sculpting dragons, but for anything you could imagine. We try to be as broad as possible when covering topics like these. However, when you dive into a creature like this, certain prerequisites like little knowledge about winged animals is always a good idea.

Enough talk, let's get started!

For your convenience we’ve compiled a list of shortcuts for this tutorial

Click to show shortcuts

Clay Buildup Brush (B + C + B)
Dam Standard Brush (B + D + S)
Trim Dynamic Brush (B + T + D)
Inflate Brush (B + I + N)
Pinch Brush (B + P + I)
Move Brush (B + M + V)
Move Topological Brush (B + M + T)
Grow & shrink selection (SHIFT + S or X)

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. For more head back to the Tutorials Section