Modeling a scoth glass is a great tutorial for an absolute beginner. It takes you through some of the most useful modeling tools Maya has to offer. But even of you are a little more advanced, it might be good to give a quick look. We cover a lot of basic but essential modeling techniques. Even the simplest of objects can prove tricky when modeling.

For your convenience we’ve compiled a list of shortcuts for this tutorial

Click to show shortcuts

Attribute Editor/ Channel Box (CTRL + a)
Create Primitive (When nothing is selected) (SHIFT + RMB)
Component Marking Menu (Object mode + SHIFT + RMB)
Angle Snapping (Hold J)
MultiCut Loop (CTRL)
MultiCut Loop Snap (SHIT + CTRL)
Move (W)
Rotate (E)
Scale (R)
Smooth Preview (3)
Duplicate Object (CTRL + D)
Manipulate Pivot (Hold D)
Pivot Snap (Hold D + V)
Object Snap (Hold V)
Paint Selection (Face mode + TAB)

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