This time we'll look at how you can create microscopic shaders. We'll quickly check out the VRay Fresnel material, and then move on to the Sampler Info Node, which is the one we'll be using.
After rendering we're going to take our image through Photoshop, and we'll explore a few different techniques to spice up our image.
What you can do with this node isn't limited to this though, experiment, and try to create your own shaders using it.

Here you can get the project file that's being used in the tutorial, this includes shaders and models.
Download file
Check out the timestamps if you know what you're looking for

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Reference 00:28

Sampler Info Node 04:45

Fresnel shader 02:59

Distance from cam 09:14

Blend material 10:52

Photoshop 15:09

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