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Introduction To ZBrush


This is the quickest way to get started with sculpting in ZBrush. We cover all the necessary fundamentals for you to get up to speed with the program. The course has been tested in classrooms in universities around Europe - before finally being put together as one elaborate training course available to all.


Introduction to ZBrush not only covers the technical tools - but also how to actually sculpt. The sculpting foundations can really take your models to the next level. Showing you industry-proven sculpting techniques means you'll make great models time and time again, removing chance entirely from the equation.


We cover techniques rarely shown outside of the big VFX houses - methods which have been developed over years of trial and error. Once you've started using these techniques, you will wonder how you ever worked without them!

3 Hours of Engaging Training

Your instructors have 20 years of combined experience working in ZBrush - having both taught the subject extensively as masterclasses and in classrooms. Both instructors are present in all the videos, making it an engaging and fun experience.


We start off with the very fundamentals of ZBrush: everything you need to know in order to get started. The series is structured around going from the absolutely essential moving onto some must-have features which speed your work up significantly. Along the way, we are also covering how to customize ZBrush, giving you a far more enjoyable experience.


Brushes are covered in-depth - a topic every ZBrush artist needs to know to the core. Using the correct brushes, the sculpting you do will feel far more natural and smooth. Layers in ZBrush can also be confusing to use. After this, they will work for you, instead of against you. The series is finished off with a lengthy chapter showing how to sculpt a troll in real-time, where you can follow our every brush stroke. This gives you a clear foundation in how to sculpt efficiently and in a methodical manner. The approach we show is great regardless of what you sculpt, whether it is characters, environments or anything in between.


We are including the project file for the final character with the undo-history intact. This allows you to scrub though the entire process, giving you a unique and completely honest view onto our sculpting workflow.

"Zbrush can be a real puzzle to learn, however FlippedNormals makes the entire ordeal a simple and easy process, taking you through all the different tools needed to help kickstart your ZBrush journey."

Bjørk Tróndheim - Student at The Animation Workshop


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Introduction To ZBrush

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Free Introduction Chapter

Take a look at our free chapter to Introduction To ZBrush on our Vimeo page to get an overview of the tutorial.


Henning Sanden

Modeler at MPC

Henning is a London based 3D artist working at MPC as senior character modeler and texture artist. He has worked on films like Batman V Superman, Ghostbusters and Pirates of the Caribbean. Having used ZBrush for more than decade, he spends his days making monsters in a dark room in Soho

Morten Jaeger

Character Artist at Framestore

Morten is a character modeler working at Framestore, having worked on fims such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Pacific Rim. He is one of the top Marvelous Designer experts working in London and has more than 10 years of experience with ZBrush.

Sneak Peek

Above you can see a selection of images from our tutorial Introduction To ZBrush


Starting out with ZBrush can be an incredible frustration experience. We've seen students throw chairs, break tables and destroy minor buildings in the process. This series will give you a sense of calm, reducing broken crockery and mortar debris by at conservatively 89 %.

Practical Specifications

What you get and what you need

1.25 GB - ZIP compressed files

Software Requirements
ZBrush 4R7 P3

Files Included
Final ZBrush Project File
Training Videos
Hotkey List

Chapter List

01 - Introduction
02 - User Interface
03 - Saving Files
04 - Working With The Model
05 - Masking
06 - Brushes

07 - Alphas
08 - Dynamesh
09 - Zspheres
10 - Polygroups
11 - Subtools
12 - Customizing ZBrush

13 - Layers
14 - Zremesher
15 - Morph Targets
16 - Reproject
17 - Polypainting
18 - Sculpting A Troll