In this tutorial we’ll go through creating an environment inside of Maya with a very geometric look. We’re going to cover a few of the animation deformers Maya has to offer, and see how we can use them to create new and interesting shapes.
We’re going to try and build an interesting composition, and be smart with placement of objects as well as guiding the viewers eye.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating this sort of environment. We encourage to experiment a lot with what Maya has to offer and not necessarily focusing too much on what values are being used in the tutorial. It’s so subjective what people find appealing, and we recommend you play around to find something you like.

In the tutorial we'll also be using a set of VRay scripts we made which you can get here
Download Script
For your convenience we’ve compiled a list of shortcuts for this tutorial

Click to show shortcuts

Sculpting brush size (B + mouse drag)
Grow & shrink selection (SHIFT + < or >)
Transformation mode (SHIFT + CTRL + RMB)
Harden Edges (Object mode + SHIFT + RMB)
Soft Selection (B)
Constrain Axis (CTRL + LMB)
Manipulate Pivot (D or Insert)
Duplicate Layer (CTRL + J)
Merge Layers (SHIFT + CTLR + ALT + E)
Fullscreen (CTRL + F)
Check out the timestamps if you know what you're looking for

Click to show timestamps

Sculpting tool 01:10
Transform component 01:43
Harden edges 02:13
Color mapping 03:00

GI settings 04:05
Render settings 04:54
VRay Sun 05:53
Gate mask 07:12

SRGB preview 08:02
Clipping planes 10:15
Split view 11:25
Twist deformer 11:43

Reduce polygons 12:15
Flare deformer 19:23
Soft selection 20:39
Sampler info node 23:59

Saturn<3 30:40
Render passes 33:45
Distance from camera 34:39
Photoshop 35:50

Glow 39:02
Color adjustment 39:43
Chromatic abberation 41:15
Iris blur 43:05

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. For more head back to the Tutorials Section