CG Resources

A useful collection of different CG resources

A collection of FlippedNormals own CG resources.


Pre-made 3D lighting scenes for V-Ray for Maya and MODO. It's a standard three point light setup for and instant nice render. Just put your character in the character folder, assign the pre-made shader/material and you're good to go. 3D has never been easier!

 Base Meshes

A collection of 3D base meshes we've made available for everyone for free. They can used for anything ins the world of CG! It's very useful if you don't feel like starting from scratch every time, it cuts down on tedious modeling tasks and leaves more time for creativity. All of our models have nice topology and UVS as well. Please feel free to modify and use them in any way you like.

Old Woman
Stylized Girl


A few V-Ray scripts we’ve made to make life easier for everyone.
Feel free to modify them any way you want, and please let us know if you add any cool features.

VRay 32 bit displacement script

This scripts automatically sets up your scene for working with 32 bit displacement, all you need is a map. If you want to understand what the script is doing feel free to check out the Tutorial on which it is based.

We recommend that all beginners read through it carefully, this will make it easier to tweak the settings and get the exact result you are looking for.

download script
VRay - Make your life easier scripts

This is a collection of different VRay scripts that just speed up your workflow. Check out the video for a rundown of what the different scripts do.

Mac path /users/USER/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/VERSION
Windows path C:\My Documents\maya\VERSION

download scripts

 Folder Structure

In order to effectively work on a project you need a proper folder structure. We've made a simple one for you that should have you working in no time. Remember, abiding by the naming convention is key to an organized project.

A collection of useful links to other 3D and 2D websites with CG tutorials and many other things.

CG Resources

Need textures, models etc?
The best CG resource out there for high res images of humans of every gender, race, age and so on. Great as reference as for making texture maps. Expensive, but it’s worth it.


Good places to meet people and get help

A fantastic CG community with focus on everything CG, from news, discussions, a ton in inspiration in their galleries to technical software related issues..

Tutorial sites

Missing some tutorials?

Digital tutors
The most comprehensive CG related tutorial site out there. It’s based on a subscription model where you pay a monthly sum to get access to their library.

A great CG resource for gathering textures. You have a free quota of 15 mb a day.

modo forums
A great community revolving around modo. A collection of very talented modo artists who are eager to help and give feedback.

gnomon workshop
A very comprehensive tutorial site run by some of the experts in this field. Mostly paid tutorials.

The number one site for scripts, plugins and various CG resources. A lot of free ones as well as quality paid ones. They also have a big selection of 3d models etc.

The #1 ZBrush community run by Pixologic. If you’re into ZBrush, you need to check this out. It’s filled with inspiration and very useful knowledge.

CtrlPaint is a great tutorial site focusing mostly on drawing and concept art. Nearly all the tutorials are free and the paid ones are cheap. If you’re into drawing, this site is brilliant.

3D Total has been around since forever and has a great selection of CG resources and tutorials in every field and is filled to the brink with inspirational work.

A fantastic forum with lots of talented people who are more than willing to help and give critique on your work.

eat 3d
Eat 3D has a lot of great content, especially for people who are looking for more game related tutorials. Focusing on things like various game engines as well as modeling and rigging for games.

The single most powerful CG resources site out there, use it love and learn to appreciate it. Chances are you can find most of the answers you’re looking for because 42.

Polycount is probably the best online community if you’re into gaming and realtime work.

3dmotive is a great site for CG and gaming related training.