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About FlippedNormals

We are two enthusiastic guys who love 3D and who want to share our knowledge with as many people as possible. We found that the best way we could do this was with our CG tutorials. We both enjoy teaching people how to achieve better and faster results with the work they are doing. That's why we created FlippedNormals.

Our goal is to educate people and give them a better understanding of how you do something in 3D and why. Far too many tutorials will tell you to just input a value or click a button without ever explaining why, we hope to change that.

By giving you insight into the techniques used, you'll hopefully be able to understand and remember faster. It's important for us that after you've completed a FlippedNormals tutorial, that you have a sense of accomplishment and feel confident that you can reproduce the results.

Head over to our Tutorials Section to check out some of our training.

Henning Sanden

Henning Sanden

Character Modeler & Texture Artist

I'm a London-based Norwegian CG artist who specializes in character creation. I love sharing my knowledge and if my contribution to FlippedNormals can help or inspire the CG community even just a tiny bit, I'll be satisfied.
During the day, I do character modelling and texturing at Double Negative.

Morten Jaeger

Creature Modeler

I'm a CG Artist from Denmark. When I discovered 3d I found that I could take creation that to a whole new level, create whatever I liked, and this aspect really fascinates me. I hope to inspire people to try something new and start experimenting more.
When I'm not busy with FlippedNormals I work at Double Negative in London as a creature modeler.